The International Youth R/C Models Association announces The Second International Youth Car Modelling Championship. The championship succeeds the championship that successfully took place last year, creating a unique environment, combining and filled by the passion and enthusiasm of the young drivers and by the professionalism and experience of the organizers, supervised by Mr. Lin and Mr. Mathiesen.

The young competitors compare their strength, experience and skills and also get the opportunity to develop their technical expertise and skills that they can use in everyday life. They will find out how and why things work, learn that they can often fix and repair things themselves and, moreover, that they are able to modify and improve them. Professionals who are wholeheartedly devoted to car models and for whom this hobby has become a passion and a way of life will become their mentors and friends. The ecstatic atmosphere of the races will not only raise your adrenaline level, but will also offer you understanding and perhaps new friendship.

This championship is not just an international sports event, but primarily a bridge connecting different and distant islands, which will make it possible for at least a moment to forget the stereotypes and prejudices. The championship is a meeting opportunity for different people from all over the world, who are connected by the passion for modelling. A unique event, not only by its atmosphere, but above all by its goal.

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The Second International Youth Car Modelling Championship

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