1st Car Modelling International Junior Championship

1st Car Modelling International Junior Championship was held in Prague, in August 2 to 8, 2016, organized by IYRCA (The International Youth R/C Models Association), with the support of Mayor of Prague 5 district, Ministry of education ČR deputy, Czech-China chamber of mutual cooperation, RCAČR president, Sino-czech economy trade and cultural exchange association, Car Modelling Association of China (CMAC).

From around the world nearly 20 countries and regions, the number of participants reached 300–400, the competition is the largest international youth car model competition in recent years, its influence coverage to many countries around the world.

As the organizers of this competition, we attach great importance to this competition, and made a lot of preparations for the competition. Most of the working group members are experienced in organizing national and international level vehicle models with multiple organizations, they fulfilled their duties at the venue, advertising, reception, event schedule and other preparatory work, step by step, out of the question, in order to ensure the smooth development of events, to achieve good social and educational benefits.

The president of The International Federation of Model Auto Racing (IFMAR) Dallas Mathiesen, attended the event and gave a high evaluation of the organization and management of the competition and the effectiveness of Education.

In order to ensure the professionalism of the event, We were very careful when choosing the site, The venue was located in Prague Arena Sparta Podvinny Mlyn Stadium, International standard carpet track with ETS Carpet, which is purchased from Netherlands.

In order to ensure the fairness of the game, we invite referees, the rules of the game are more stringent. The competition use the international rules, and the judges are rigorous, serious, fair and impartial. The judges had a close examination of each of the players, to ensure fairness.

With all the organization personnel efforts in IYRCA and cooperation unit’s support, through the competition of good management, 1st Car Modelling International Junior Championship successfully held remote control model, vehicle model of young people from around the world athletes participating in the process of making international friendship, enhance the level of technology, broaden their horizons, comprehensive ability has been greatly improved.

1st Car Modelling International Junior Championship remote control model successfully, also provide valuable experience for the world youth organization event organization, vehicle model, vehicle model of the world youth tournament into a well-known international youth science and technology model of brand competition.